Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BOOK REVIEW - The Martian

Have you read ‘The Martian" by Andy Weir?  We recently read this book and it blew our socks off!  What a great read!  This was Mr. Weir’s first book he has ever written and it did not fail to impress.  In fact, the book’s film rights were sold almost immediately and a film adaptation will be in theatres this November starring Matt Damon!
The book is about an astronaut who is stranded on Mars after an exploration mission.  What makes this book so compelling?  Weir used actual mathematics and science to give the reader real examples of what life would be like on the planet.  Temperatures, food growth, space suits, Mars Rovers, water accumulation and portable living quarters are just some of the cool things Weir features in this science fiction novel. 
The novel places you in the mind of botanist Mark Watney, a man who was selected for the Mars exploration to determine if food could be grown on the red planet.  Through a series of unfortunate events, the crew is forced to evacuate and they accidently leave behind Watney.  He his forced to survive in this rugged planet until a crew can return to retrieve him.  This book combines the perfect mix of fun, science and suspense.
Grab a copy at your nearest book store!
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Organizing Your Next Road Trip

The season of road-trips is upon us!  As the temperatures climb and the days get longer, we will yearn to hit the road for some much needed vacation.  Organizing the trip is one thing, but your car…that is a completely different story.  We came up with five great tips to keep your vehicle organized, clean and accessible for your upcoming adventure.


1)     Designate a trash bag—We recommend that you use a paper bag to store your trash in as you drive across our fine states.  In fact, grab a couple—one for recycling and one for trash.  Keep these bags either in your trunk or on the floor behind you (if there is no one else there) and throw away at your destination.

2)     Clean out your console—Before you take off, go through your main console and remove anything that you will not need.  This can help reduce clutter as you progress along your trip…but we recommend keeping the Summer Fun Jams mix you made ten years ago.

3)     Tie extra shoes together—It is always good to bring an extra pair of shoes, but what a pain when you can only find one!  Tie your pair of shoes together before you load them up so if you can reach one, you can reach the other.

4)     Vacuum first—Trust us, start the trip off on a clean note to alleviate a headache later.  Getting the extra dirt out of your vehicle early on will help you enjoy your trip that much more. 

5)     Laundry basket food—This one is our favorite.  Put your food in a laundry basket!  Why a laundry basket?  They are see through, easy to carry and light!  All of your dry foods, snacks and drinks you don’t need chilled should go in a laundry basket.  They are durable, easy to pack and great for toting things around!

Have a great trip! 

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

S.O.S...Save Our Shoes!

Kids are not the only ones who fly through shoes—we adults do too!  More often than not, we look down to the ground and see how beat up our favorite shoes have become.  We found some solutions for you!  Believe it or not these tips help extend the life of your shoes:

Wipe Your Shoes- This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how many people do not wipe their shoes off when they come inside.  When you fail to wipe them on a doormat, the excess dirt, rocks and dust build up on the bottom.  Over time, these particles wear down the rubber on the bottom of your shoes. 

Lace 'em Up- Most shoes were designed to be laced up firmly when worn.  Obviously we want to make sure they aren’t too tight, but a well-tied shoe can increase its life span.  When you fail to tie the shoe firmly it causes your foot to shift around in the shoe.  All of this movement causes the stitching and the soul to wear and eventually break.  It can also cause the plastic in the heel to bend or crack.

Tie and Untie- We have all done it.  We leave our shoes tied and slip them on and off.  This, unfortunately, really wears on the toe and the heel of the shoe.  When we shove our foot into the shoe it causes the plastic in the heel to bend and excess force to be pushed onto the toe stitching.  Try to tie and untie your shoes every time you put them on and take them off.

2 Pairs- Having an extra pair of shoes for the outdoors or sports related activities will save you money in the long run.  Plus, your sports shoes will break in properly for maximum flexibility and athletic feel (we only want to see you dominate in your rec basketball league).

Socks are Saviors- The right kind of socks are also crucial to your shoe life.  When performing high movement or athletic activities make sure you are wearing a decent cotton or athletic sock.  These kinds of socks allow for more flexibility and movement in shoe and they reduce the effects of friction.  Save your shoe’s soul!  Wear good socks!

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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Go Green...At Every Meal

We have all heard the rumors that green foods, specifically vegetables, are very good for you, but more often than not, most people do not know the benefits of “Going Green.”  There is a plethora of delicious green foods that are great for your health.  Here are some great greenies for you to eat every day: 

Kale- Loaded with vitamin C and vitamin K, Kale helps strengthen bones and boost energy.  If that isn’t enough, Kale also contains anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids.
Brussels Sprouts- These wonderful green gems give its consumer blood pressure balancing potassium.  If you are not a fan of their taste, try roasting them for better flavor!

Kiwi- Crack open a Kiwi to find over 230% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C, an almost full daily portion of potassium and fiber.  Kiwi is great on any salad or as a garnish on sweet dishes.

Green Tea- Many studies on Green tea has shown that it can lower your risk of heart disease.  Green tea is also full of antioxidants.

Basil- Perfect for most salads and pastas, Basil is a great source of vitamin K and iron.

Green Beans- Who doesn’t love steamed green beans?  These wonderful veggies can help stabilize blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Asparagus- The season of asparagus is upon us and that means a healthy dose of vitamins A, C and K.  Asparagus is helps promote healthy digestive health and is a good source of protein. 

These are only a few of the healthy green veggies that can compliment any meal.   Stay healthy and more importantly, stay green! 

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Nissan Options Abound

After more than a decade away, Ryan Family Dealerships has brought Nissan back to Minot. What does that mean for you?  More choices.  So, is Nissan the right choice for you?   Let’s find out…

Do you have a family?  Do you need a vehicle that seats the entire crew while not compromising on gas mileage and price?

The new 2015 Nissan Pathfinder was named one of the best 15 family cars for 2015.  It seats seven and has 260 horsepower.  And price?  You can get a Pathfinder for as low as $30,000.

Do you want a SUV that has enough cargo room for all of your gear while giving you ample seating at an affordable price?

The 2015 Nissan Murano has you covered.  It won the Kiplingers Best Value of 2015.  Not only does the Murano seat five people, it comes with 60 feet of cargo space.  The Murano won’t break the bank either, starting at just $29,560.

Have you ever wanted to drive the most popular electric vehicle?

Say no more!  The Nissan Leaf is the top selling electric vehicle in the country.  Loaded with great features, a sleek look and an unparalleled 126 MPG, the Leaf is one of the best electrics on the road.

Can I get a reliable, fuel efficient sedan?

Oh ya!  How about the 2015 Nissan Altima?  You won’t be disappointed with this 2015 IIHS top safety pick.  You can get up to 38 MPG with this great vehicle and still have the luxury, power and look of a sports car.  With over 180 horsepower, the Altima is sure to entice all you summer drivers!

Do you need a truck that is able to work as hard as you do?

That means you need the full-size Nissan Titan.  With both brains and brawn, Titan is built to cater to your demands, offering a choice between King Cab or Crew Cab. A removable tailgate makes Titan a versatile hauling machine, and climate resistant lockable bedside storage is undeniably smart. Add aggressive good looks to the mix—enhanced by Titan’s chrome bumpers and front grille—and you’ve got the total package.

Nick and the crew would love to help you sort through your choices.  Ryan Nissan is located just two blocks south of our Ryan Honda store.  Stop by 3915 South Broadway today!  At Ryan Nissan, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Welcome To Minot, Nissan!

The day is finally here!  Ryan Family Dealerships is proud to offer the Nissan brand to the Minot area.  Located right next to Magic City RV, we are proud to offer a full Nissan lineup.  We thought it would be fun to dig up some fun, fast facts on our new Nissan brand.  Enjoy!

  • The Nissan company was founded in 1933.
  • The name “Nissan” was derived from the original trading symbol/ticker.  The company was originally called Nihon Sangyo but it traded as NiSan.  The company loved the name and eventually changed it accordingly.
  • The first and original Nissan vehicle was called the Datsun.
  • In 1937, Nissan was one of the first companies to shoot a vehicle commercial in full color.
  • Nissan developed their first electric, zero emission vehicle in 1947.  It was called the Tama.
  • 1969 marked the year Nissan created and produced the Datsun Z, their first sports car.
  • The first Nissan plant was built in the United States in the early 1980’s in Tennessee.
  • Nissan created their first minivan in 1982, the Prairie.
  • The Nissan Leaf was the first mass produced, 100% electric vehicle with zero emissions.

We are very proud and honored to offer such a wonderful, reliable vehicle to the Minot area.  Nissan has a proven history of safety, fuel efficiency and style.  Swing by our new store to drive a great Nissan sedan, SUV or truck.

At Ryan Family Dealerships, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Winter?

With winter right around the corner, it's important that you make sure your vehicle is prepared to handle the season. Certain precautions can be taken to ensure your vehicle remains in proper working order during the harsh North Dakota winters. It's important to check the tread on your tires as well as their pressure. For North Dakota winters, you may even want to consider investing in snow tires, which are made of cold-resistant rubber and have deeper treads for better traction.
When road salt and moisture combine, it can cause extensive damage to the exterior of your vehicle and begin to eat away at the paint. Wax your vehicle before the winter months and it can help protect it from corrosive materials.
            Cold temperatures often cause oil to thicken, which is bad news for your engine. Using an oil of a lower viscosity will prevent damage to the engine. Your owner's manual will inform you of the correct oil to use.
When it comes to maintaining visibility through your windshield, changing your wiper blades to special winter blades will help prevent snow and ice from clogging up your wipers. Switching to a winter wiper fluid can also prevent ice build-up on your windshield. Many brands carry specific washer fluids that won't freeze in low temperatures and actually help melt the ice on your windshield.
By following these simple precautions, you can be confident that your vehicle is ready to take on the cold temperatures coming our way. For more information on how to prepare for the winter, take a look at this article from Car and Driver.