Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Organizing Your Next Road Trip

The season of road-trips is upon us!  As the temperatures climb and the days get longer, we will yearn to hit the road for some much needed vacation.  Organizing the trip is one thing, but your car…that is a completely different story.  We came up with five great tips to keep your vehicle organized, clean and accessible for your upcoming adventure.


1)     Designate a trash bag—We recommend that you use a paper bag to store your trash in as you drive across our fine states.  In fact, grab a couple—one for recycling and one for trash.  Keep these bags either in your trunk or on the floor behind you (if there is no one else there) and throw away at your destination.

2)     Clean out your console—Before you take off, go through your main console and remove anything that you will not need.  This can help reduce clutter as you progress along your trip…but we recommend keeping the Summer Fun Jams mix you made ten years ago.

3)     Tie extra shoes together—It is always good to bring an extra pair of shoes, but what a pain when you can only find one!  Tie your pair of shoes together before you load them up so if you can reach one, you can reach the other.

4)     Vacuum first—Trust us, start the trip off on a clean note to alleviate a headache later.  Getting the extra dirt out of your vehicle early on will help you enjoy your trip that much more. 

5)     Laundry basket food—This one is our favorite.  Put your food in a laundry basket!  Why a laundry basket?  They are see through, easy to carry and light!  All of your dry foods, snacks and drinks you don’t need chilled should go in a laundry basket.  They are durable, easy to pack and great for toting things around!

Have a great trip! 

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